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01/2004     Jens Pohl   Jörg Michael     (German Version)

Hi Jörg, what are you engaged with at the moment and what are your plans for the next months?

Well, I became father of twins only a week ago and I have a two-year-old daughter, so I'm already busy for 24 hours a day ... additionally I'm going to prepare for the next (and last) STRATOVARIUS shows. The national soccer league will start on January 30th, etc. ...

Is there anything in your life that you regret having done or having missed (yet)?

I should have crunched the balls of that guy that beat me up back in elementary school! Because of respect and decency I didn't do that!

Please tell us of three "highs" and "lows" in your life.

My birth, my first drumkit, my children were the highlights! And many more ... the relegation of Borussia (that's a german soccer club located in Dortmund) in the 80's, Helmut Kohl's term of office and the 0:4 against Schalke (another soccer club) 3 or 4 years ago were definitely "lows".

What was the last thing you read?

The Fifth Woman from Henning Mankell.

What was the last movie you watched?

Catch Me If You Can.

What was the last album you listened to?

Recent STING album (total bullshit).

Imagine you had the possibility to act in a movie. Which movie / part would you choose?

Batman, the one that also featured Michelle Pfeiffer!

What or whom of the following do you prefer?

Viennese Schnitzel or pasta - Steak or Pizza would be much better.

Beer or milk - Beer.

Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit - !?!?!


Red or Yellow - YELLOW, matches the color of Borussia Dortmund and is equivalent to "beer"!

Car or motorbike - Motorbike.

Meditation or Martial Arts - Meditation.

The Simpsons or Futurama - ?!?!?!

Liv Tyler or Demi Moore - Liv.

Sun or moon - Sun.

Who is / was your idol?

I used to like Roger Taylor (QUEEN) and Ian Paice (DEEP PURPLE)) a lot!

Are you interested in history and politics?


Which historic person yould you like to meet, what would you like to talk about?

Ozzy Osbourne, or doesn't that count??? Otherwise I would have enjoyed to deliver Hitler a mighty punch into his face!

What is your opinion on file exchange programs, that allow everyone with an internet connection to simply download music / movies? Should the restrictions concerning this matter be eased or tightened? Do you think that the bands, whose music is offered on these exchanges, are harmed financially or can you imagine that they, because of a higher public attention, sell more CD's?

That's hard to tell, generally one should appeal to the consumers' moral, otherwise the value of art itself is bound to sink. Of course these programs help unknown bands to introduce themselves to a broad public, on the other hand they might take away the musicians' possibility to earn their crust.

How often are you online?

Almost daily!

Which person, in your opinion, should receive a big boot into his backside and why?

Hitler, Saddam, George Bush Jr. and his father need a big lantern stuck into his ass! As well as all those african dictators; Haito from Schalke, because he is the most unfair player in the whole soccer league! All those, that keep pushing themselves to the front line, the leaders of the CDU / CSU (that's a conservative political party in Germany) and many others ...

Which Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band should retire from business and why?

Why should I voice such an opinion? It's not my job to judge other bands! A bit more respect and tolerance on the RUNNING WILD homepage please ... :-)

What would you say about the following musicians:

Rick Allen - Cool guy, isn't he? He's still quite rich although he beat up his wife more than once.

Ludwig van Beethoven - The greatest.

Lars Ullrich - Cool guy, plays the drums with a lot of feeling. I like him, but he is talking rubbish too often.

Ozzy Osbourne - God.

Rolf Kasparek - Best Riff-player in the world and my boss for many years, we had lots of fun together!

Rob Halford - Best Metal singer ever.

Jim Morrison - I wonder, why he is still being glorified and adored so much, only because he consumed so many drugs in short term that he died! Maybe I didn't catch the main part of the story, or simply lived in the wrong time!

Dave Mustaine - He's an arrogant asshole, but his music rocks.

Timo Tolkki - Best producer, best composer, great guitar player and friend.

Peter Breitenbach - Cool guy, great drummer.

Andi Deris - Don't know him personally, but he was cool with PINK CREAM 69.

Doro Pesch - Good luck, female power rules.

Jon Crosby - Who's that? RATT guitar player??? His capabilities can't match his looks, Warren de Martini was the man. (Jon Crosby, by the way, is the singer, producer and composer from VAST, plays all intruments and delivered his first album single-handed at the age of 18).

Marylin Manson great image, did everything you could imagine, but his music sucks

Chris Boltendahl - Yeeeaaahhh, the man with strings of barbed wire for vocal cords, cool bandleader and a good friend.

What do you think of teen-acts like BRITNEY SPEARS and the many young people that participate in shows like "Pop Idol" and "Star Search"?

Yeah, that's essential for today's TV ... well, not only the people that are performing in these shows are poor, but also those that are watching ... plastic to the core. But BRITNEY SPEARS is one hot chick! Who really cares about her music???

Which band / musicians would you like to make a world-tour with and who should be supporting you?

I had good times with STRATOVARIUS for many years and I will never regret my decision to join them. I'm dreaming of a tour with Ozzy, support doesn't matter, as long as they keep boozing with us!

What was the funniest event on a tour that you witnessed?

Ow man, that's difficult, there were so many ... Jens Becker in the Danube. Tolkki drank my piss, because he thought it to be Fanta. All those Pyros from Ozzy Ostendorf during the RUNNING WILD shows ... that fan, who wanted to nick a drumstick from stage ... exactly when the flames started erupting at the edge of the stage. Finnish after-show-sauna-parties. That finnish-guy, who's head had already dropped on the counter and his mates picked him up and and made him swallow the last half pint, although he was already unconscious (!Because you can't leave drinks behind, of course!), that drunk girl, that took the fire hose, that was installed on our floor. She flooded everything while screaming: "Oorgaasm!". The eggs, that we threw out of the bus onto the cars that drove behind ... well that was not that funny in retrospect, sorry about that! And many more ...

Please rank the following RUNNING WILD albums on a range from 1 to 10 (1 = miserable ... 10 = perfect).

Gates To Purgatory - 10

Branded And Exiled - 9

Under Jolly Roger - 9

Port Royal - 10

Death Or Glory - 11

Blazon Stone - 9

Pile Of Skulls - 11

Black Hand Inn - No comment, someone else should judge it.

Masquerade - No comment, someone else should judge it.

The Rivalry - No comment, someone else should judge it.

Victory - Rolf should send me a copy of that one, please.

The Brotherhood - Rolf should send me a copy of that one, please.

LIVE DVD - Rolf should send me a copy of that one, please.

What's your favorite RUNNING WILD song and why?

"Raging Fire" - I don't know why, ask my heart!

Which song of RUNNING WILD do you not like at all?

Doesn't exist.

Can you still identify yourself with the lyrics and the image of RUNNING WILD nowadays?

RUNNING WILD made me a professional musician, that's something I will never forget! Rolf always had a cool point of view and lyrics that matched my opinions. I lived in Berlin at that time and many punks and squatters (good friends of mine! :-))) knew RUNNING WILD because of their political lyrics; "Bad To The Bone" etc.). The image was really cool, lots of show, wild stagewear etc. I'm still a fan of that, which other german band can offer the same? I always had the feeling, that the fans of RUNNING WILD get something for their money, not only a poor rip-off!!

I have an association-test here at the end. Please tell us what comes into your mind when you see these terms:

RUNNING WILD - Best Heavy Metal band I ever played for.

Soccer - Is like life.

Money - Has infested people.

Religion - Many misunderstandings, I think.

Politics - A charade.

Aliens - Don't know a single one.

Sex - Yeeeaaahhh,, I need much of it.

Family / friendship - Became vital for my life.

Europe - Snobbish and incapable.

Black Metal - Wuuuaaarrrggghhh, DIMMU BORGIR kick ass.

Death Penalty - Generally I'm against that, on the other hand I see all those child murderers that abuse and strangle kids ... afterwards they play-act the deranged personality and with the help of some smart lawyers they are out again after 10 years. The term "death penalty" gets a new meaning then, but that doesn't help those kids any more, so ... difficult.

Japan - Totally nuts, cultural shock.

Drugs - Only as much as you can stand, better leave them aside.

Tattoos - Yeah!

Music - Was, is and will be my life.

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