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01/2004     Jens Pohl   Peter Pichl     (German Version)

Hi Peter, one could have the impression, that you are rather "operating" from the background. Is that the reason, why there are almost no interviews available with you or do you simply have other priorities?

Hi Jens! Well, for me, being a musician generally has one main objective: Creating an optimal "flow of energy" (how I would like to call it) together with the other guys on stage. Doing a lot of talking before or after doesn't really add much. Right before the gigs I concentrate on the show itself. Afterwards, if it was a good show (which is, thanks to god, mostly the case), I really enjoy to see the bright eyes of the fans. Of course it's not only me but the whole band that is "responsible" for that. But I am mighty proud of having contributed my two cent. No more, no less.

If you see RUNNING WILD playing live, I have the impression, that there is a great harmony between all the band members (which you can see clearly on the Live DVD). When and how did you get in contact with Rolf and RUNNING WILD? Sometimes it seems that you know each other quite long ... had you learned about RUNNING WILD before?

Well, this answer is probably going to bring a smile to some people's face. I got a call from Ralf Nowy in spring 2001. We had seen each other in Hanover a couple of times before and he asked me, if I would like to record some tracks with RUNNING WILD. My first reaction was: "Err ... RUNNING WILD ... who's that?". The very same evening I was driving to their home (Ralf's and Katharina's), listened to a couple of songs with them and it went: "Yep, sounds good. Of course I can do that, if you like". I have to add, that I grew in the 70's with bands like BLACK SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE, LED ZEPPELIN and URIAH HEEP, the Woodstock-Album, CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG, JIMMY HENDRIX and a band called NEKTAR (that few people still know nowadays). In the 80's I had lost interest in the Heavy Metal sector, because I had my heroes. Besides I had more been busy in the jazzy branch and listened to a lot of that stuff back then. That's also the reason - quite embarassing - that I am not really familiar with the Metal scene today. Then in the 90's there were some more interesting bands / developments again: RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and ROLLINS BAND (their song "Liar" in particular) just blow me away. When it became more and more obvious, that this wasn't only a studio job but about playing live as well I couldn't help myself asking: "Do you realize that I never had my foot on the monitor while playing, that I don't have a single tattoo, less than three ampeg-stacks etc. etc.!?" "You will manage that ... for sure" was the reply I heard. I couldn't believe it! I was so happy. And about Harmony: You're so damn right! It was one of the rare cases where everything just fitted instantly. You have to consider, that I met Bernd for the first time, when the first rehearsal started. I had played together with Matthias before and I knew that we were getting along with each other very well. I had come to know Rolf quite good during the recording sessions of The Brotherhood. But the key question was: "How would it be if we were all playing together?" Well, we all stacked up our gear, Matthias counted up to three ("Welcome to Hell") ... and Hell was breaking loose!!! Done. Besides we have a lot of respect for each other (in a positive meaning), which is a very good ground to build upon.

Which song of RUNNING WILD do you like the most and for what reason?

"Uaschitschun". That's an indian tribe as far as I know. One of those indians said: "When the last tree has been felled, the last fish caught and the last river poisoned will you know, that men cannot eat money". Such wisdom, at least that's my impression, is not high in demand nowadays, because all those "wanna have a load of fun"-people are irritated by this in their way of life. If they would really listen to this, they might have to think about it, and that would be really uncool. But, bullshit, you can't deny the truth forever!

It's common, that you recorded some studio-tracks together with Olaf Giebe. Are there some more music-acts, that you supported in the studio or during live-performances, or did you rather play more with local or unknown bands up to now?

Well, it's kinda true, that I haven't played in any really famous band before RUNNING WILD, at least not one that is known worldwide. But in those 20 years, that I have been working as a professional musician, I really often was lucky to come together with amazing people and to play in cool bands. This has at least filled my fridge over the last 20 years. Many musicians, that have played in a media-present band for a while, will not tell you the same. Nevertheless I wanna give you some names (some of them are not that unknown): HEINZ RUDOLF KUNZE (I'm playing his musical "Ein Sommernachtstraum"), JUTTA WEINHOLD BAND (Ex ZED YAGO frontwoman); I played in her band for three years, it was an exciting and good time, although sometimes quite exhausting, because of returning complications within the band. HANNES BAUER ORCHESTER GNADENLOS (guitarist with Udo Lindenberg). Sometimes I play with him to stand in for somebody else. It's always funny, because mostly there's no chance to do any rehearsals before and I really have to watch out, what's happening. STEINWOLKE (they had the famous song "Katharine" in Germany in the early 80's). The music wasn't really my cup of tea but some members became really good friends of mine. STEVIE WONDER; only for one session, but it's a good name in my book, isn't it, hehehe ... and many more bands that have earned respect in the local or national area (PURPLE PIRATES, MOULIN ROUGE, HAVANA, YOUR FAVOURITE THING, to give some names).

Do you enjoy recording in a studio or do you rather prefer to play live on stage?

No question, live is what it's all about! Almost any recording that I like and that features me, is a LIVE recording. So studio work for me is almost a "regrettable necessity". But you have to see, that playing live and recording in a studio are two different things. There are many situations, where you have no other possibility than to record "sandwich-like". It's not like 30 or 40 years ago, when many bands lived together on a farm, smoked dope and jammed all day long. It can be really helpful, that most musicians today have quite good recording equipment at home. That really makes working on songs easier. But, if there's a chance to record as much as possible together in a studio, with only a little overdubbing, then that's definitely what I prefer!

What was the best experience that you made as a musician and why?

That was without doubt Wacken 2003! If you have the chance to play in front of 30.000 people as a Headliner, than that's simply something unbelievably special. But it wasn't the concert alone. The signing-session was unbelievable as well. There were people from Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Canada etc. telling you, that they've mainly come to see you! Unbelievable! So damn cool!!!

Could you please give us some hints about the new album. Are there concrete song-titles or tracks already? Will there be a song on the album that you have written or composed?

I can't tell you anything yet besides that it's going to be out 'til summer. Rolf is still writing songs. He wasn't able to start his work on the album as early as scheduled, because it took a bit longer to build up his own studio. But he keeps on writing songs and about 20 or so are ready for recording. I'm also really looking forward to them (as much as all of you!). Rolf is really open-minded concerning ideas of the other band-members. If I should have some good ideas (which is sometimes the case), I am going to share them with Rolf, maybe he likes them as well. But I will not be disappointed if he doesn't.

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