"We are prisoners of our time, but we are still alive. Fight for the
freedom, fight for the right, we are Running Wild!"
- Prisoners Of Our Time, 1984 -
"All liberty is dying, to reign is the sense. Leading you to war,
can't you see where it ends."
- Fight The Oppression, 1985 -
"Fly our flag, we teach them fear, capture them the end is near.
Firing guns, they shall burn, surrender or fight, there's no return."
- Under Jolly Roger, 1987 -
"You're soulless when the fire of evil burns in your heart,
you're soulless 'cause hate and greed's gonna tear you apart."
- Soulless, 1994 -
"So open up your clouded eyes, the conspiracy to see. If you wipe
away their evil world, there's a chance of living free."
- Masquerade, 1995 -
"Darkness falls and light will rise, the force of judgement
finally strikes"
- Victory, 2000 -
"Strong and proud we'll survive the grief, scream and shout
for what we believe."
- Unation, 2002 -
"Libertalia, the wild and the free ... the ideal of freedom
is ruling the sea."
- Libertalia, 2005 -
"I am one to feel the fire, I am no one giving in,
Always try to reach higher to keep my own world spin."
- I Am Who I Am, 2012 -
"We're taking our pride in the rage of the fight
We're gonna take our stand - we gonna stay resilient."
- Resilient, 2013 -

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  04.8.09 - 14:15 / By Running Wild


RUNNING WILD deeply appreciated this year's edition of Wacken:Open:Air and YOUR storming enthusiasm during our Farewell-Show. Once again we felt this unique spirit like a strong bond between us and our fans. THANKS A LOT for your true and loyal support over all the years!!!

Additionally we want to remind you to send YOUR pictures of concerts, after-shows, meet & greets etc. of the past 30 years with RUNNING WILD to otti@ballroom-hamburg.com (subject: "30 Years With RUNNING WILD") in order to be part of the upcoming DVD or just leave us your name and your country here to be mentioned in the end credits.

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  01.8.09 - 21:30 / By Running Wild

And The Winner Is...

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  28.7.09 - 8:00 / By Running Wild

We Are Pirates!

German melodic metal band ORDEN OGAN feat. Majk Moti dedicate their new song "We Are Pirates" to the greatest band in the universe: RUNNING WILD - watch the videoclip here.

ORDEN OGAN will be part of the upcoming album "ReUnation - A Tribute To Running Wild" with their very own version of the RUNNING WILD classic "The Battle Of Waterloo".

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